Join us on a journey of scientific discovery with our Wacky Professors. Each of our Professors creates an engaging and (sometimes) explosive experience of fun and entertainment.

Watch in wonder as our team provides an educational spectacle through visuals, songs and interactive activities for your children's event. 

Our three Professors each have their own expertise. 

Professor Galaxy engages children with questions like "How many planets are there?", "Which planet is furthest away from the sun?" and "How does the sun set?". A star choice for any children with budding astronomy aspirations.

Professor Plant Pot is a green fingered genius who loves to grow anything and everything and getting muddy while their at it. Answering your inquisitive children's questions on why plants need sunlight and how to ensure your plants get what they need to survive.

Professor Wildlife is an expert in exotic animals having just returned from their latest trip to Tanzania. Our Professor will explain everything about the animal kingdom from the food chain, to what a group of lions are called and more. It's for children excited about dangerous animals and who have a sense of adventure.

Looking for something extra special? we can create bespoke entertainment for your event!

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